Hilarie Sellers and her grandmother
Hilarie Conducting Class in IrvineI have been a pivotal member of the TrackMy.com team since major funding began in 1999. I joined TrackMy.com officially in March of 2000. As a technical trainer, my skills were vital to the success of the company and its ability to capably train the end-user (real estate agents) while at the same time allowing the momentum to grow through rapid sales and word-of-mouth success!

I have been training agents on the features of TrackMy.com through individual training sessions, classroom and seminar sessions, and trade shows presentations. I teach agents how to use our product while also teaching them internet-based advertising strategies and innovative marketing techniques to use in their daily business endeavors.

Hilarie Conducting Class in IrvineI am involved with HR and hiring activities throughout the company, while also tackling new accounts and all sales in the Southern California area.

TrackMy.com has employees located throughout the country, but I am the face that most clients see when they sign up for the product, need help with the product, or have specialized needs such as customizing their websites or launching a new advertising campaign.

I love my job with TrackMy.com and I am BEYOND proud to have helped create such a worthwhile product.

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