Hilarie Sellers and her grandmother
I have always loved teaching and learning. I love attending formal classes and teaching them as well.

My years with Hughes Aircraft, and most especially my decade with TrackMy.com, have given me an ability to truly relate with my clients/students. When I was a young girl, I helped run an after-school project near my house and just loved it as my little sisters were also there and I had the opportunity to help them as well.

There is nothing like seeing the light bulb come on in a student's mind and play with that light for hours on end (if given the chance).

I meet with High School, College, and Junior High students throughout the Southern OC area regularly and I'm always eager to meet more!

Tutoring is truly my passion - above everything else on this website!!!

In 1985 I attended UCSB as a Math Major. From there I attended California State University Fullerton. I took my time at CSUF, taking many classes, Math and Science leading the way. Since graduating with a Computer Science degree, I have attended classes at CSUF and Saddleback College almost every semester since (yes, that's well over 20 years of classes!). I am currently taking classes in Math and Physics.

I have acted as a lab assistant in the Physics Department at Saddleback College along with teaching positions at local private institutions in the Southern California area.

I currently carry three to five students a semester (in varying levels of aptitude) and I am always looking for other students that I am compatible with…. As I believe that only myself and the parents and student can truly determine if it is indeed a good "fit".

I will meet with your child, free of charge for the first meeting. I look forward to meeting with you soon!.

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